Emotional Triggers and Hypnosis

There is sometimes a disconnect between the way we feel about an issue and the truth of it. There are or have been times in all of our lives when we become triggered in a situation. Someone says or does something that creates a highly emotional state within our selves. In this state, we find it difficult to think rationally and realistically. In these instances, we are so caught up in our pain that we no longer represent the person we were prior to the trigger. We can become despondent, enraged, or even fearful, confusing those around us. These triggers are, for the most part, past pains experienced at a an earlier time or stage in our lives. Pains we were unable to process properly, either because we were too young to understand or we felt the need to suppress the emotion.

Using hypnosis in a controlled environment we are able to tap into the emotional state and locate the original event that caused the trigger. We then isolate that event to find clues as to why we were unable to process. As we do this, we are able to assist the younger version of ourselves, providing the tools and encouragement required to desensitize to the trigger and move forward.

Clients searching for relief in dealing with the pain their triggers are causing, whether it is anger, sadness, obsession or obsessive behavior, overwhelm, can usually find relief within a couple of sessions.

A example of this, could be seen in a a caregiver who would experience extreme feelings of overwhelm to the point it was becoming difficult to continue working in her profession. While under hypnosis we regressed her back to a time when this feeling of overwhelm first occurred. As we moved through that feeling and the details the memory began to emerge, she starts to verbalize, “I can’t hurt the baby, I have to take care of the baby, I can’t drop the baby,” and so on. Exploring further, we find that she is 6 years old and has been given partial responsibility of caring for her newborn sibling. She is scared and doesn’t feel up to the challenge but believes that she is not allowed say so. As we replay this memory, she realizes she is resentful that her mother had the baby. She is angry both at her mother and the newborn, but feels guilty because of her anger. At 6, she did not possess the proper skills or support to be able to express and reconcile these emotions that contributed to her feeling not just overwhelmed but scared, resentful, and guilty as well.

While in hypnosis, she could experience the situation, detached and with her adult perspective. She was able to assist her younger self in exploring and integrating her feelings, validating the younger’s emotions, while lessening the impact and detaching from the the feeling of overwhelm.