Trans-personal Hypnosis

Trans-personal hypnosis incorporates suggestive and interactive, client centered hypnosis. It works best for life issues including stress relief, habit change, addressing fears and phobias, obtaining personal achievement and goals, as well as identifying and addressing emotional and personal blocks.
At the very least, 2-3 sessions are recommended for this form of hypnosis.
Duration: Initial: 1.5 hours - $120
Follow up: 1 hour - $100

Regression Hypnosis

Regression works by connecting to a specific time and place in the client’s current lifetime. This is useful for retrieving lost objects, recalling memories and connecting to an emotion or feeling.
Duration: 1.5 hours - $120

Womb Regression

Womb regression assists clients in discovering their life purpose, talents, and gifts as well as gaining an understanding of certain life issues that arose between conception and birth.
Duration: 2 hours - $160

Past Life Regression

The past life technique follows the client back through time before birth and into a past life or on occasion into alternate life experience. These sessions can be exploratory and fun or therapeutic in that it allows the client to see current issues and difficulties from alternate perspectives.
Duration: 3 hours - $240
Include Womb Regression - $260

Spiritual Exploration

Spiritual Exploration connects the client with their spiritual team. These sessions are fluid. We work with the client’s guides and higher self to connect the client to the most appropriate time, place and wisdom, addressing the intentions set during the interview. Clients are asked to bring a list of questions to the session, and can include, but not limited to life purpose, life plans, relationship questions or issues, difficulties or illnesses, interests, abundance, life lessons, etc…
Duration: 3 hours - $240

Tobacco Cessation

The transformation from tobacco user to being tobacco free is a multi-faceted process incorporating habit change, stress relief, and relaxation, as well as identifying triggers and exploring reasons for use. This is a two session process that works best when the client is truly and personally committed to ending their relationship with tobacco. Sessions are scheduled within a week of each-other to facilitate optimum results.
Initial: 1.5 hours
Follow up: 1 hour
$260 at first appointment

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Life Coaching

Practical and constructive, these sessions assist my clients either in addition to Hypnotherapy or as a stand-alone service. I provide a comfortable, open atmosphere where life’s concerns and questions can be explored and worked through and assisting my clients, in finding new insights and awareness.
Initial: 1.5 hours - $120
Followup: 1 hour - $100

Duration listed is the approximate and includes interview and post session debriefing.

For past life and spiritual sessions, it is recommended that the client be familiar and practice meditation as this will assist in achieving a deeper hypnotic state.