“My Session with Kris Was Wonderful.”

I went to Kris with an intention to work on one thing, but she expertly helped me to identify a much deeper issue that needed to be explored. She was patient, but focused, and did a great job helping me to relax and move into a deeper state to access important insights and information. These discoveries helped me to understand and get past a point where I had been unhappy and stuck. I would highly recommend Kris to anyone hoping to get a deeper understanding of themselves and those ready to change and move forward.

- Lisa, Raleigh NC 2018

“Kris is Wonderful!”

Kris really is amazing. I had never done hypnosis before, and was open to it but had no expectations...wasn't sure if I would go under, etc. I have now done 2 sessions:
1. My primary issue has been with procrastination, and I have struggled with time management/organization since I was a kid. Kris worked with me on replacing procrastination with motivation, and I am blown away by how my behavior and thoughts have changed both at home and work. I feel so much more in control and have stopped over thinking and exaggerating daily tasks in my head.
2. My other session was re: smoking & making unhealthy choices on impulse--basically I have been ready to get healthy for a long time, but again felt overwhelmed and just beat myself up all the time. I have had zero desire to smoke since leaving and again, am feeling more in control. 
Kris is just an awesome person to work with. She made me feel comfortable and safe, and is super intuitive. I HIGHLY recommend her!

- Rachael, Raleigh NC 2018

My guide summed it up this way... Kris is "a light in the dark to those who are lost."

I needed answers. In fact, I was beyond needing answers. I needed an explanation of what's been going on in my life, but I was afraid of someone talking to my subconscious. Kris was more than welcoming, and happy to talk me through my concerns on more than one occasion prior to the hypnosis. The experience has been absolutely invaluable.

— Stacy, Raleigh NC 2018


I was referred to Kris from a friend who raved about her honesty and clarity during their coaching sessions.  My initial issues began with a failed marriage and subsequent relationships that ended poorly.  Kris directed me to see things differently, through a new lens.  She taught me to honor my grief and be open to possibilities.  I feel a weight has been lifted, and I can start this year with open eyes and an open heart.  Highly recommended. - Patricia 2019