Emotional Blockages

What we see on the surface is usually a cover for what is underneath and until we lift that cover and dive below, healing doesn’t really take place.

Consider any body of water. The surface can be smooth as glass, appear as choppy waves or just moving ripples, and yet underneath lies a whole world containing life, growth, death and renewal. Unless we submerge into the water we haven’t any idea exactly what is down there.

The same holds true with us. How we appear on the outside is frequently not what we feel on the inside. People may appear happy yet could be feeling chaotic, overwhelmed, angry or sad. Some have learned how to push their emotions so deep under the surface that all they feel anymore is a numbness, completely out of touch with the emotional body except for an occasional release of pent up emotion, and like a whale breaching the surface of the ocean, this can appear beautiful from a distance, but can be extremely harmful if standing too close.

We are conditioned to judge and categorize our emotions as either acceptable, unacceptable. From a very young age we learn what is appropriate and what is not, so that we can feel accepted and safe in our families, with our friends and in society. We carry these judgments forward throughout our lifetime, passing down these same beliefs to the next generation. If we judge that it’s acceptable to feel happy, anger, or sadness but not acceptable to feel weak, or scared, we will criticize and push any feeling of weakness or fear down under the surface and deny ourselves the opportunity to process, heal and release. Instead, we find ourselves creating areas of density or blockages in the emotional body.

These blockages hinder our growth as they are the reasons we overreact to situations. To have a healthy emotional body, we first must realize what judgments we hold and which emotions we deny. Through hypnosis we are able to tap into these areas of density, in a safe controlled manner to acknowledge the suppressed emotions, and it is here we are able to start processing and releasing these blockages and creating space for healing.